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Version: 1.0.0


The market makers are called liquidity providers in the TDEX network and they put always-on reserves in various asset pairs forming a specified interface called Market. Each Market holds reserves of a base asset and a quote asset.

A Trader proposes new swaps using the provider's market rate. A trader can come and go, he only needs to support the swap protocol defined in the BOTD #3 and he can swap between the two assets in the Market in either direction by adding to the liquidity reserve of one and withdrawing from the reserve of the other. Traders can either connect directly to a provider if they already know the endpoint.

Interact with a Liquidity Provider:

Implement your own client using on these TDEX SDKs:

  • JavaScript (Coming soon)
  • Python (Coming soon)
  • Go (Coming soon)
  • Rust (Coming soon)