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Version: 0.9.1


Public list of tdex liquidity providers

Any always-on endpoint that implements the BOTD#4 Trade Protocol HTTP2 interface could be registered in this list. Being in this list is not required to be "discovered" by the tdex-app, tdex-cli or other tdex-sdk-based clients, anyone could connect to you directly. This aims to be a public list that helps advanced traders to discover liquidity providers that guarantee highly available and professional service.

Add a provider#

  1. Test with tdex clients
  2. Submit your provider via Pull Request
  3. Be sure to stay online

1. Test#

Before submitting yout endpoint, be sure to test with any tdex clients, such as TDex Mobile App or TDex CLI.

  • With the app goes to Settings > Manage Liquidity Provider > Connect
  • With the cli use tdex-cli connect <your_endpoint>

2. Submit#

To add your provider to the list, first fork the repository and open a pull request adding your provider in the registry.json file at the end of the array.

[  {    "name": "My Awesome Exchange",    "endpoint": ""  }]

3. Availability#

We automatically check your provider: we call the Markets service endpoint looking for successful reply and a non-empty array of markets.


The tdex-registry is a simple public reachable file that follows the JSON SCHEMA specification. Anyone is welcome to create a custom registry and source to tdex clients directly.