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The daemon supports handling webhooks that can be invoked whenever a certain event occurs during its lifecycle. This is the list of all events a webhook can be registered for:

A webhook is defined by an event for which it's registered to, an endpoint that is invoked whenever the event occurs, and optionally a secret used to sign a JWT token to authenticate requests.

Add webhook#

A webhook can be added to those handled by the daemon with:

# To add a secured webhook$ tdex addwebhook --action TRADE_SETTLED --endpoint http://localhost:8888/endpoint --secret supersecret# To add a non-secured webhook$ tdex addwebhook --action TRADE_SETTLED --endpoint http://localhost:8888/endpoint# hook id: 00000-000-000-0000

The daemon in response returns the id of the newly webhook created.

List webhooks#

You can list all the webhooks registered for some specific event with:

$ tdex listwebhooks --action TRADE_SETTLED# [#   {#     "id": 00000-000-000-0000,#     "action": "TRADE_SETTLED",#     "endpoint": "http://localhost:8888/endpoint",#     "is_secured": true#   }# ]

A list of webhooks showing their id, event, endpoint and wheter a secret is set is returned.

Remove webhook#

A webhook can be removed by specifing its id with the command:

$ tdex removewebhook --id 00000-000-000-0000# removed hook with id: 00000-000-000-0000

In response, you get the confirmation os the removal of the webhook

Event payload#

In this section you can find the payload sent by the daemon to a webhook endpoint whenever a certain event occurs. All payloads are represented in JSON format.

As mentioned, the daemon takes care of authenticating its requests by adding a JWT token. The daemon produces a signatures using the HMAC-SHA256 scheme, therefore the same must be used by the web server exposing the endpoint being invoked.


Example of payload for TRADE_SETTLED event:

{  "txid": "68790873e2e56a86844f367f9c3d64ebadc1c6d61d8cda6df0dff8010139ea95",  "swap": {    "amount_p": 1447,    "asset_p":  "6f0279e9ed041c3d710a9f57d0c02928416460c4b722ae3457a11eec381c526d",    "amount_r": 41790673,    "asset_r":  "ce091c998b83c78bb71a632313ba3760f1763d9cfcffae02258ffa9865a37bd2"  },  "price": {    "base_price":  0.00003462495088,    "quote_price": 28880.90739460  },  "market": {    "base_asset":  "6f0279e9ed041c3d710a9f57d0c02928416460c4b722ae3457a11eec381c526d",    "quote_asset": "ce091c998b83c78bb71a632313ba3760f1763d9cfcffae02258ffa9865a37bd2"  },  "balance": {    "base_balance":  57556016,    "quote_balance": 376940871878  }}


Example of payload for market ACCOUNT_WITHDRAW event:

{  "market": {        "base_asset":  "6f0279e9ed041c3d710a9f57d0c02928416460c4b722ae3457a11eec381c526d",        "quote_asset": "ce091c998b83c78bb71a632313ba3760f1763d9cfcffae02258ffa9865a37bd2"    },    "amount_withdraw": {    "base_amount": 10000000,        "quote_amount": 1000000000000,    },    "receiving_address": "lq1qqval07apclpjrlru50x3px9x2606fhy6h2m7km7zhgxjmqf8kxzm36mn7hxypzcuw7nk0mt25a658nzlysvjkkejc4kcuxqsc",    "txid": "b0ad86c8efcc4eadc74aab471196d7e0773f328ca7bb54dbe4eea1c7cf8c7445",  "balance": {    "base_balance": 47556016,    "quote_balance": 276940871878  }}


Example of fee ACCOUNT_LOW_BALANCE event:

{    "account": {        "type": "fee",        "index": 0    },    "balance": 100}

Example of market ACCOUNT_LOW_BALANCE event:

{    "account": {        "type": "market",        "base_asset": "6f0279e9ed041c3d710a9f57d0c02928416460c4b722ae3457a11eec381c526d",        "quote_asset": "ce091c998b83c78bb71a632313ba3760f1763d9cfcffae02258ffa9865a37bd2",        "index": 5    },    "balance": {        "base_amount": 100,        "quote_amount": 2000000000,    }}