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Run Standalone

In order to run the daemon as a standalone executable you need to:

  1. Download the latest releases of daemon (tdexd) and CLI (tdex) for Linux or MacOS.

  2. Move the binaries into a folder in your PATH (eg. /usr/local/bin) and rename the daemon as just tdexd and the CLI as tdex.

  3. Give them executable permissions. (eg. chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/tdexd and chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/tdex)

Now you're ready to start it up:

# Run on Liquid network connecting to for sourcing blockchain data$ tdexd
# Run on Liquid connecting to a local explorer$ export TDEX_EXPLORER_ENDPOINT=""$ tdexd
# Run on Regtest connecting to a local explorer and using regtest LBTC asset hash.$ export TDEX_NETWORK="regtest"$ export TDEX_BASE_ASSET="5ac9f65c0efcc4775e0baec4ec03abdde22473cd3cf33c0419ca290e0751b225"$ export TDEX_EXPLORER_ENDPOINT=""$ tdexd
# Run on Liquid and specify USDt as base asset instead of default L-BTC$ export TDEX_BASE_ASSET="ce091c998b83c78bb71a632313ba3760f1763d9cfcffae02258ffa9865a37bd2"$ tdexd

By default, you can find the data directory at the path ~/.tdex-daemon if using Linux or ~/Library/Application\ Support/Tdex-daemon if using MacOs instead.

You can change the default path by exporting it into the environment variable TDEX_DATA_DIR_PATH.

Next step is to configure the operator CLI.